Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You Can Work At Home

People make it harder than what it actually is to work at home. I know what you're thinking, "There's so many scams out there, IT'S HARD to tell what's legit and what's phony". Well, it's not if you have REAL PEOPLE like me telling the truth about working from home.

You see through the years, I've learned to pick up on not only strategies that work, but FREE strategies that work. This is how large corporations like Walmart, Apple, and McDonalds continue making their money, ON FREE strategies. So now I'm here to guide you through their strategy.

PLEASE NOTE: Just like any job, it will take time to earn money. You just have to have the balls to stick with it. In the process, don't quit your day job until you've doubled online what you earn at that particular job.

Back to the strategies.

1. Stop signing up for everything! This will save you a lot of time, headaches and most of all MONEY!

2. Build a list.

"Ugh....everyone says that."

HELLO......that means everyone else knows that list building can make you money. "How?" An Autoresponder, duh. "But they cost money."

Quit your whining! One, it's annoying and two there's a free one that's just as powerful.  Alternatively, you can use a Lead Generating System. Yes there's a free one of those too. Click Here

3. Step in front of the traffic. (My mom said this to me growing up, with an entirely different meaning, BUT it's the GOLDEN RULE.)

While you're building your list, you can work on getting traffic to your site. This takes time, but if you do it everyday for 21 days, you will do it everyday for the existence of your business.

"Oh for Pete's sake! I don't know how to do that either!"

Now a lot of people/gurus will tell you that you need 'targeted traffic'. While that's all fine and dandy, you just need any type of traffic in the beginning. So here are some FREE sources that will get the 'any type of traffic' until you learn to get 'targeted traffic'.  (No 'credits' are involved in these sources)

SOURCE 1 get other people to send you traffic

SOURCE 2 get more people to send you traffic