Friday, July 12, 2013

5 Must Watch Video Bloggers

From tine to time I like to post videos here. But every now and again I come across video bloggers that have so many videos with great content, that it's hard for me to share every video that they've created. So to solve this, here are the TOP 5 Must Watch Video Bloggers.

#5 mohammedabshaun this guy just tells it like it is. Real Talk (no pun intended). These videos are a must watch for any entrepreneur.

#4 Jody Jelas Jody has found a way to help bloggers for REAL. Not sure if, she's Irish, British or Australian, she probably says it in one of her videos, but once you get past the accent you'll discover some great content.

#3 King Human will save you lots of money on the internet. Yeah, a lot of his videos are old, BUT the things he notes in these videos are some of the same things that are taking people's money this very day. One thing about this guy is that he uses foul language a lot, which for me is a kick in the pants, but again he is telling the truth about these online scam artist.

#2 ConvosWith2YrOld These guys are definitely on their way to becoming the next YouTube Sensations. They've only been posting videos for about a month, but already have over 270,000 subscribers to their channel.

and the #1 Must Watch Video Blogger is (drum roll please).......

If you have not seen this girl, you have been in YouTubeDarkness (yeah, I just made that up). She is beyond weird and funny. I look forward to her Thursday evening laughs.

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